Gloucester Ladies Two Rink League Rules

1. Committee to consist of:



                     Division Administrators

2.   Annual entry fee to be £10 and is payable by cheque or bank transfer. Contact names telephone   numbers and email addresses to be provided to the Secretary/Treasurer at the latest 7 days before  the AGM. Cheques may be given to the Secretary/Treasurer at the AGM if 7 days’ notice is given.

3.    A list of players is to be submitted by the Club League Representative to the appropriate Division Administrator at least one week before the first game of the season.


4.    The Ladies Two Rink League comprises two divisions. Trophies will be presented to both Division 1 & 2 winners and runners up.


5.    Clubs must be affiliated to the GBA. A side must consist of bona fide members of the club. No one is allowed to play for more than one side, or club in League games.


6.    Games will normally be played on a Tuesday evening with a start time of 6.15pm. If this is not convenient due to other Club activities, then the Club that is unable to comply should contact their opposition to make other arrangements within the designated draw week.


7.    The Laws of the Sport of Bowls with English Variations (L/SBwEV) apply, except for rules 5.1.1 (Trial Ends), Rule 33.1 & 33.4 (Play Stoppages) and rule 39.2 (absent player) see League Variations within Rule 8.


8.    League Variations

a) The side shall consist of two teams of four players. Each game to consist of 18 ends and one shot scored to the winner on the first two ends. No side should commence play with less than 8 players, however, if a club cannot field 2 full rinks, they will be permitted to play 7 players, but this concession will be limited to two occasions in any season. The number of bowls played by the defaulting team should be made up by the lead and second, both playing three bowls, and one fourth of the total shots scored (including decimal places) by the defaulting team shall be deducted from their score. Should a club be in default on further occasions then League Rule 11 d) will apply.


            b)  Rule 39.2.2 (L/SBwEV) shall apply but read 15 minutes (not 30 minutes).

c)   Should a player fall ill during the game and no substitute is available Rules & (L/SBwEV) shall apply from that point onwards. However, no Side will be permitted to play with less than 7 players at any time.

d)   If the match has to be abandoned because of inclement weather and at least 12 ends have been played by each rink, then the results of each rink shall be taken as they stand. For example:


1 rink 14 ends score Home 26 Away 10

1 rink 16 ends score Home 9   Away 20


Result: Home 6 Points, Away 2 points

If 12 ends have not been played by both rinks, then the game should be rearranged and played from the beginning.


e)  All matches to be played by 31 August each year. However, where weather conditions or other administrative occurrences make it difficult to rearrange  games   prior to the end of August the Divisional Administrators may give an exemption in exceptional circumstance to extend the timescale into the first full week of September.

 9. Players may visit the head.

10. Dress Code: All players to wear club uniform.

11 Postponements and/or defaults

      a) Matches may be postponed by the Home side if the green is unfit for play or closed by the Greens committee.

  b) Matches may be postponed, in extenuating circumstances, if the reason for doing so is approved by the Committee.

  c) Division Administrators to be kept informed if 11a or 11b occur.

d) If a Side cancel (this includes reducing to under 7 players during a game) then eight points and eight shots will be awarded to the opposition.

e)  If a Club finds itself having to withdraw from the League during the season, then any points gained for or against will be cancelled.


12   Points:

a)    8 points will be available for each game played.


b)    Overall shots: winning side takes 4 points. 2 points for each side for a draw.


c)    Each winning rink scores 2 points. 1 point each team for a draw.


d)    In the event of sides being equal on points after all matches played, then overall shots difference will be taken into account.


e)    A side playing an unregistered player shall lose any points scored (the opposition will receive no more points than they have earned), the shots difference will remain.


13 Skips of each league rink shall check and sign the opponent’s cards. Results form for matches to  be completed by the home captain and sent to the Web Manager and Division Administrators by email within 24 hours of the match. Score cards to be retained by the club and produced for the Divisional Administrators if required to do so.

14.Results will be published on the website.

       15. When all matches are played, the final results will determine places in the Division Tables.

The bottom two sides from Division 1 will join Division 2 in the following season and the top two sides from Division 2 will join Division 1 in the following season.

Revised 18 March 2024